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Sector: Media   Year: 2017


Mogees are an electronics company who have a focus on music and vibration technology. Their launch product, the MogeesPro, combined vibration sensors with revolutionary music software to provide their customers with a device which could transform any object into a unique musical instrument. With a successful launch, the next milestone to hit was to make the technology more widely available to a broader audience. Cue the Mogees Play.

Mogees Play is an ingenious smart sensor that attaches to a phone or tablet and turns the world around you into an interface for playing games, creating music and much more. Mogees Play was developed to be used as a stimulating educational tool as well, being specifically designed with core Key Stage music skills from the UK National Curriculum in mind.

The challenge from Mogees was to design and develop a brand identity and shelf presence for their new product which could be marketed at younger audiences to encourage environment interaction and reignite musical creativity. This was also an exciting challenge as this project was to be tackled working in a team of 2 to bring the resolved designs to life.


The logo was the first port of call on this project. The client requested that the logo remained fairly simple but had a boldness that contained a vibe of engagement and energy. They also wanted a logomark which wasn't visually related to music or gaming, more so a design which represented the interactivity of their product.


Having these requests in mind allowed me to make a decision to pursue the simplicity of creating a Mogees play button. I felt this was a natural direction to progress with seeing as the universal language of the icon itself fit perfectly with the client requests while lending itself nicely to the introduction of the interactive elements of their product. Various renditions of a unique play icon were created from this concept to map out the idea.


Using these as a base, the design was then brought to fruition with the idea of building a play button out of play icons with the aid of simple geometry to keep the design simplistic and appealing to a younger market. The sharp corners were rounded off to provide safety and playfulness to the design, and the inner triangles within the grid were coloured sequentially to install some much needed engagement and energy to the logo.

Mogees Play Icon Development Logo Design Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative

The next stages of the design were constricted to company brand rules whereby the product logo had to inherit the typeface from the parent products and the colourations were locked down to match the same tones of reds that their Play device used.

Mogees Play Logo Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative
Mogees Play Early Packaging Mock Ups Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative

While the logo process was in development and in the interest of time, early packaging mock ups were underway simultaneously which were using using the current logos and design rules which were in place at the time.

My fellow designer who I worked on this project with concentrated on creating realistic 3D renders to manipulate and implement across various designs while I focused on creating the iconography and logo before we brought our assets together to collectively figure out the most effective layouts and designs.

From our suggestions to the client, at this stage we were working with a minimal but punchy palette so that we could be sure to provide their product with an effective shelf presence to attract and compete when available in Apple Stores.

We knew from the start that the front of box needed to feature 3 things for certain - the logo, the device, and the relevant product information . Everything else was open to creativity. We made the decision that we were going to keep the aesthetic of using various shapes in the design to suggest different types of vibrations/hits as this would play a big part in the product brand, however something at this stage wasn't quite tying everything together.

Upon review, it became apparent that this issue was related to a small divide between design and the target market. We came to the conclusion that the introduction of the primary colours (plus green) would help to bridge this gap. This was then agreed upon by the client and implemented within further iterations which seemed to do the trick. The iconography was then also edited to feel more playful so that it too also catered to younger audiences. These developments then inspired a fresh way to introduce the key features on the front of the box, using circular shapes to represent 'beats' to keep the visual messaging consistent around the product.

Collectively, we decided that a graphic needed to be featured somewhere on the packaging to showcase how the device worked in conjunction with mobile devices. A minimalist, linework illustration was produced to sit on the rear of the box supported by a well presented breakdown of the product and its contents. The side panels were originally requested to feature a silhouette of the device, however it made more sense to present the product with the tagline featured in these locations instead for a better impact and appeal. The design below is the final item which went on to production.

Mogees Play Final Packaging Designs Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative

Now that the packaging and product were on their way for mass production, it was time for efforts to be focused elsewhere. The next task to solve was to develop a set of icons for the applications included with the product package. The Play app needed to be relevant to the core product brand while the two distinct sub-apps that were housed within needed to be have their own unique vibe. Pulse took inspiration from its in-game design, using the three tracks and beat markers as the predominant feature of it's icon while Jam had a more functional approach using iconography to represent its music editing and production capabilities.

Mogees Play App Icon Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creatie


Mogees Pulse App Icon Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative


Mogees Jam App Icon Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative


The final parts of this project consisted of editing marketing imagery and producing a set of animated gifs which were to accompany the press kit release across the web for product reviews and for launch. The gifs were to serve as basic, easy infographics to help audiences understand how the Play device worked. The other animation that was produced was a small Play ident from the logo to serve as an introduction to video content and possibly in app.

All work contained inside this case study is the property of Mogees LTD, copyright 2019.

Mogees Play Device GIF Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative
Mogees Play Device GIF Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative
Mogees Play Animated Ident Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative
Mogees Play Key Art Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative


"I have worked with Jake on numerous occasions. He’s an incredibly talented designer with a broad spectrum of skills. He has proved himself to be capable, efficient and very creative. He’s worked well on collaborative projects as well as leading major product branding initiatives."

D. Best



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