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Sector: Health   Year: 2018


Innervations: Dynamic Co/Mindfulness are a company that provide holistic, movement-based, well-being workshops for the workplace. The workshops are set up in an accessible format and are constructed from contemporary dance practices which promote physical, emotional and mental health in an entertaining way. Their aim is to provide their participants with an hour long session that helps them unwind and feel revitalised and motivated to tackle the rest of the day, while boosting and building stronger connections between them and their teammates.

Innervations required a professional brand identity to allow them to promote and market their business while having the ability to appeal to a variety of working sectors.


With such a broad audience on the horizon for Innervations, the direction to kick-start this process was inspired by three key factors; Revitalisation, Togetherness and the Holistic state. Keeping this in mind, I knew I wanted to develop a mark which had a feel of energy and synergy about it while remaining memorable and versatile enough to stand out in multiple environments. It was requested by the client that the design wasn't a direct representation of dance-based practices but was instead something designed more around a feeling which somehow incorporated a sense of movement and teamwork.

After a series of back and forth conversations and rough ideations, a successful mark was discovered which encompassed the key factors identified early on.

Innervations Dynamic Co/Mindfulness Logo Development Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative

The overall form was created in an attractive, symbolic way while maintaining a simplistic approach. The concept of the outward flowing rings was derived from a water ripple effect to subtly suggest revitalisation and stimulation, while also introducing a sense of motion into the design that wasn't directly 'dance' related. The way that the rings essentially begin from the same source at the base of the design really allowed the mark to resonate with me in regards to the holistic state of the business and the interconnected nature of the workshops.  


This concept was then combined with the idea of representing the 'pillars of well-being' in a relevant form. This was achieved by installing the vertically aligned circles through the centre of the design with each symbolically representing one of the three pillars (Mental, Emotional, Physical Health), having the base circle represent 'the self'. The idea behind this element is to be somewhat reminiscent of the chakra chain and body energies with the alignment vaguely resembling the heirarchy of a human (mental being the brain, emotional being the heart, physical being the stomach with the self being the root).

Innervations Dynamic Co/Mindfulness Logo Design Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative

With the client approving of the mark and its theory, attention was then focused on pairing the typeface with the intent of continuing on with the same themes. I knew from the process so far that the wordmark was going to feature an ample amount of negative space to match up with the icon, however the main goal was to allow for a grander sense of energy to come across through the type. The perfect fit was created by using dual lines to create singular letters for the core title. This lent itself well to using solid block lettering on the subtitle due to the strong contrast between both wordings which created a nice visual impact when presented together.

Focusing on the brand palette, it was agreed that the colours needed to say a few different things about the business.  The colours needed to have a vibe which brought energy and invigoration to brand but also didn't stray too far from the realms of relaxation and creativity. The immediate choices were between blue and purple; blue being a colour which promotes open-communication, confidence and calmness, while purple promotes creativity, spirituality and individualism. It felt increasingly suitable to incorporate both colours into the palette, so a dual colour gradient was trialed as it felt like the natural fit. The gradient transition between colours also added further movement and energy to the logo which helped solidify brand we were building further. The final design was organised and approved at this point, and was ready for implementation on mock up materials for proof of concept.

Innervations Instructor Shirt Mock Up Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative
Innervations Proof of Concept Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative

To assist with the promotion of the brand a small, single piece of marketing collateral was designed with intent of being handed out or being placed upon noticeboards within workplace environments. The client didn't want photos featured on the flyer but again wanted something that evoked a feeling much like the logo. The design of the flyer was created to be synonymous with the new brand rules established during the process of developing the logomark. The gradients and palette allowed for a bold, punchy appeal that was inviting and not overpowering, while the content and vibe of the ad ensured it fit well within it's intended environments.

All work contained inside this case study is the property of Innervations: Dynamic Co/Mindfulness, copyright 2019.

Innervations Dynamic Co/Mindfulness Business Flyer Poster Designs Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative
Innervations Dynamic Co/Mindfulness Business Card Designs Graphic Design Jake Bryant Creative


"Working with Jake was a collaborative, engaging, and delightfully smooth experience. I started the endeavour knowing little about branding and Jake guided me through the entire process with enthusiasm and patience. He listened attentively to my ideas and the needs of my business while providing support, ingenuity, and creative flair. He worked with me to ensure that the final product was something to be proud of while respecting the integrity of my aspirations."

A. Sanger 



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